logo Cailler

François-Louis Cailler founded the first Swiss chocolate factory in 1819 after learning the art of chocolate making in Italy. He specialized in creating smooth chocolate that could be formed into bars.


logo Suchard

Chocolatier depuis 1826

SwissChocolat Villars

logo Chocolat-Villars

Since 1901, the love of Swiss chocolate


logo Favarger

A watchmaker fell in love with the daughter of a chocolate maker from Geneva. By marrying her, he also embraced the chocolate making profession. Favarger is your choice when visiting Geneva!

SwissConfiserie Sprüngli

logo Sprüngli Bahnhofstrasse Zürich

Confiserie Sprüngli - Tradition since 1836


logo Ragusa

The Swiss Original has been around for generations: the rectangular stick with the fine praline filling, the whole hazelnuts and the unmistakable taste.


logo Teuscher

Swiss chocolate boutique selling home made delights made from finest cocoa, marzipan, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients


logo Munz

Simply delights


logo Minor

A piece of delight


logo Läderach

Pure delight from Switzerland.

SwissCamille Bloch

logo Camille Bloch

Mr Camille Bloch founded his chocolate company in 1929. Currently their most famous product is the chocolate bar Ragusa


logo Maestrani

Passion Chocolate Suisse since 1852


logo Alprose

A recently founded company based in sunny Ticino selling tasty chocolate well priced at the Swiss discounter Denner


logo Gottlieber

Fine and individually rolled crèpe biscuits with luscious chocolate cream fillings. Known as a unique delicacy far beyond the country's borders


logo Biotta

Biotta is the Swiss organic pioneer in naturally pure fruit and vegetable juices



After the second world war the was a boom on modern products such as instant coffee powder. Adding chicory to the mix it was the first offering this improved coffee blend.


logo Rivella

Well known soft drink which is produced from milk whey, and therefore includes ingredients such as lactose, lactic acid and minerals.

SwissMineral waters


Switzerland the country for best mineral waters. Discover and compare all Swiss mineral water brands.


logo Sugus

A Swiss candy in several flavours: lemon, Orange, pineapple, raspberry and cherry

SwissBasler Läckerli

logo Basler Läckerli

Basler Läckerli were originally created by spice merchants over 700 years ago. Läcker meaning "delicious" in German is a traditional hard spice biscuit originating from Basel


logo Ricola

Former bakery specialized in sweets such as the famous Fünfermocken. In 1940 Ricola's Swiss Herbal Sweet was invented using 13 different herbs


logo Halter

HALTER stands for specialty treats and specialty caramels. HASCHI stands for the first registered herb candy in Switzerland.


logo Isostar

founded in Switzerland in 1977. It is known as a sports nutrition expert who meets the various needs of sports people.


logo Kambly

Kambly is Switzerland's largest biscuit producer. Famous for traditional biscuits such Butterfly, Caprice, Mignon and the Petit Beurre

SwissKägi fret

logo Kägi Fret

The consistent combination of tradition and innovation is the foundation for the Kägi brand and the key to the success of our outstanding biscuits and wafers.

SwissChicco d’Oro

logo Chicco d’Oro

Produced in the company's modern roasting plant at the southern tip of Switzerland (Ticcino) Caffé Chicco d'Oro, the "Gold Bean", is Switzerland's nr 1 gourmet coffee


logo Wernli

"I just like Wernli"


logo Sportmint

Sportmint is the classic peppermint sweet invented in 1933. Today it is still part of many Swiss alpinist backpack gear.


logo Ramseier

Switzerland being a country of apples, this is the apple juice sold in most restaurants along the country.


logo Nesquik

Chocolate powdered flavoring that is mixed in cold or warm milk. Owned by Nestlé it was first sold in the US. Now available world wide.


logo Caotina

A unique chocolate taste will enchant your senses. Experience the true Swiss drinking chocolate culture.

SwissAppenzeller Biberli

logo Biberli

Ginger bread cake "Lebkuchen" speciallity from Appenzell tracing back to the 16th century