logo Micro

The Swiss bestseller scooters sold world wide with many international awards. Top quality for the urban mobility.


logo Mammut

Producer of mountaineering and trekking equipment founded in 1862. Specialized shoes and ropes for serious alpinists.


logo Calida

...from a small sewing factory, in the past seven decades, CALIDA has grown to become a leading lingerie and lifestyle brand across Europe


logo Trisa

Founded in 1887 in Triengen/Lucerne TRISA is one of the world’s foremost producers of oral hygiene, hair care and body care brushes. Feel the difference!


logo Sigg

Sigg are bottles manufactured in Switzerland from aluminum or in China from stainless steel. They have a cult status and often carry the swiss flag as part of their logo

SwissKuhn Rikon

logo Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon develop, produce and distribute high-quality cookware and accessories that make efficient and healthy cooking possible


logo Wenger

Wenger Swiss army knifes are now sold under the Victorinox brand. Since 2013


logo Naef

Play objects world wide renowned for their beautiful forms, colours, intelligent constructions, adequate materials and perfect craftsmanship. The Swiss made wood toys.


logo Switcher

THE Swiss clothing company that places a high value on the social aspects of supplier relations and product traceability.

SwissLouis Widmer

logo Louis Widmer

Family owned business producing dermatological products as fine cosmetics and body care lotions


logo Navyboot

Swiss premium label for shoes and accessories


logo ISA

High quality bodywear with a Swissline collection that makes them the only manufacturer producing entirely in Switzerland


logo Rausch

The power of herbs – for skin and hair

SwissLa Prairie

logo La Prairie

Beauty company with an unparalleled commitment to excellence, luxury and the science of skincare.


logo Meridol

With Elmex, Aronal and Meridol the Gaba group produces quality oral care products known around Europe


logo Laurastar

Laurastar the super steam iron system for high quality ironing!


logo Vinoderm

Vinoderm skin science products are based on Pinot Noir, elite red grape growing at the canton of Valais, at the bottom of the Swiss Alps


logo Solis

Founded in 1908, Solis produces small electrical appliances. Hairdryers, Nailcare, Kitchen and Climate products.


logo Rotel

Household Devices since 1948 - Rotel swiss selection Home Appliances


logo Bernina

Since its inception in 1893, Bernina has been passionately committed to develop cutting-edge sewing and embroidery machines


logo Rohner

Rohner socks date back 1876 producing functional socks for sport and leisure endeavours.


logo Bamix

Material, design and workmanship of the highest possible quality are the top priority today and in the future.


logo Alprausch

Outerwear clothing and accessories with style that dares to combine classic Swiss tradition, with modern street and snow culture


logo Stöckli

Made in Central Switzerland, each handcrafted Stöckli ski model is visible, tangible evidence of legendary Swiss quality

SwissJet Set

logo Jet Set

Established in St Moritz Jet Set offers fashionably luxury sportswear


logo Pingu

Initially on air from 1986-2000 for the Swiss TV. A Swiss/British success story with 157 episodes broad casted world wide in penguion language


logo Weleda

Produces both natural beauty and medical products based on anthroposophic principles. A ecologic, fair trade and none animal testing company


logo Fenjal

Established company founded in 1899 selling soap, bath oil, body lotion, body wash, bubble bath, shower oil, shower mousse and other skin care products.

SwissGrethers pastilles

logo Grethers

The gold choice for throat and voice since 1850 based on an English recipe. Natural ingredients have a soothing effect on a sore throat and a strained voice.


logo Bally

High fashion shoes formerly manufactured in Switzerland. Today producing luxurious shoes and leather goods belonging to the Austrian group Labelux.


logo Strellson

Menswear manufacturer producing mid-range fashion aimed at men between 25 and 40


logo Fogal

Fogal Legwear Of Switzerland fine stockings and pantyhose made to perfection