Coop retailer

The orange giant - in constant battle with the other orange giant (Migros) ringing to be the Nr. 1 Swiss retailer.


Denner discounter

Small sale’s surface - small price. (Migros group)


Landi retail shop

The farmers’ grocery shop to be found only in the country side.


Migros typically Swiss

The orange giant - in constant battle with the other orange giant (Coop) - ringing to be the Nr. 1 Swiss retailer.


Volg shop

Grocery store. If you see one, you are definitively in the countryside.

SwissBongenie Grieder

Grieder posh shopping

The posh fashion and perfumery retailer. Buy something there to walk out with THE shopping bag!


Great department store

The up scale department store that has it all - including a fine food department. (Migros group)


the fashion palace

From a widely spread department store and mail-order catalogue only the flag ship store at Bahnhofstrasse is left. The best shopping experience!


best known department store

The Swiss department store that has it all at the right price.


shoe discounter

..and another shoe discounter.


bestsellers at low price

Discounter bookstore that focuses on best sellers. (Migros group)

SwissImport Parfumerie

perfumes discounter

Main stream perfumes at low price. (Coop group)

SwissTrois Pommes

Trois Pommes

Posh fashion labels in Zürich, Basel, St. Moritz and Gstaad


electronics hifi ipad PCs

Nr 1 discounter for electronics. (Coop group)

SwissOchsner shoes

sports and shoes

Stilvolle Marken-Schuhe für jeden Anlass

SwissOchsner Sport

sports and shoes

Big choice of sports goods and shoes at fair price.


swiss factory outlet

Kind of factory store with changing assortment. All sorts of goods to be discovered at lowest price.

SwissBlue dog

fashion boutique

Fashion for youngsters. Shop exists for guys and girls. (PKZ group)


luxury watches and jewellery

The place to buy exclusive Swiss watches and jewellery.


watch & jewellery shopping

Popular watch & jewellery chain with goods in the middle price range. (Coop group)


nice fashion boutique

Ladies fashion. I don't know them (since I'm a guy – your texter) (PKZ group)


mens cloth casual business

Fashion store just for the man. Business and casual, truly Swiss.


Swiss fashion

Fine fashion store with qualified sales staff. In the good old days, they supplied the Swissair uniforms. (Migros group)

tallySwissTally Weijl

tally Retail business founded in Switzerland

Sexy fashion for young women and girls. Design and produce their own label.


established retailer in Switzerland

Low priced clothes and shoes retailer - very well established in Switzerland.

SwissFranz Carl Weber

the toy store

Kids' dreamland. Big toy shop.


household electronics and entertainment

Here you get household and entertainment electronics served by good sales staff. (Coop group)


Heimatwerk swiss souvenir shop

If you’re a good tourist, you'll buy something in this Swiss souvenir store.


interior decoration shop

Interior deco bits and pieces to a cheer up your home. (Migros group)


Jumbo DIY store

Huge DIY store (do it yourself) located in the suburbs. Go there by car and fill up the boot with all you need to build or improve your home.

SwissOrell Füssli

big business in switzerland

The Swiss book shop that also produces the Swiss bank notes. Have a close look at your Swiss paper money!


very nice furniture and deco specialised dealer

Leading house for home furniture and decoration - inspiration and services at its best.

SwissSun Store

pharmacy retail chain

The pharmacist's medication will heal you and spare your wallet as they keep prices low.